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Personality itself is a complex subject to discuss and developing it in a correct way will require some efforts. Before going into the personality development there are few things that needs to be discussed.

What is personality?

Well there is no proper definition of personality, this statement itself can tell you that it is quite unique to everyone and it is one of those things that has tendency to evolve and change from time to time.

Now if we want to make a definition from whatever we have discussed now then we can make a simple one and can say that “It is our character that evolves through time and depends upon our social and environmental factors”

Why we need to develop our personality?

We always want our presence to be felt in a positive way every where. Now presence here is absolutely not fully related to your physical presence. It is also related to your behavior and your mental balance. As we have already discussed that it’s a continuous process and when people feel that there is a requirement to go to next level then they look to develop their personality.

Let’s start developing the personality by doing these following simple but effective steps.

Step 1: Socialize Yourself

We all know that humans are social animals and we are very much interested to make connection with each other. Well I can understand that there are also kind of people who wants themselves to keep isolated from society.

The point here is whether you want or not there will be occasions when you have to meet with the different types of people and that is the moment when your personality will going to play a major role.We have listed down few key points that needs to be taken care of for your personality development.

1.a : Improve Your Listening Capability

When someone is talking to you for any matter, We need to listen to them carefully. It shows the that you are giving importance to them and the speaker also will feel comfortable in talking to you. The benefit is once everyone around you knows that you listen to them carefully then you will be the go to man for them whenever they want to share anything.

1.b: Control Your Emotions

We have all kinds of emotions but more importantly we need control over these emotions. It is very much possible that you are not willing to listen or speak to everyone but when you are avoiding them you have to main certain level of decency. For that try to control your emotions and understand the true intention of the person who wants to speak to you. It will help your system to understand your emotions and once you understand your emotions you can control them easily.

1.c: Improve Your Communication Skills

Till now I have told you to listen to the others and control your emotions. What about your communication skills? I am very much sure about you all that those who are reading this blog have got some opportunities in past to speak in front of people but as they don’t have the adequate level of communication skills they have to let pass that opportunity to someone else.

Your personality will be judged based on your communication skills also so please be humble and polite, It will directly show to others what kind of a person you are from inside. So start communicating with the people around you and best way to gain confidence in the beginning is to communicate with people with the same mindset as you.

Step 2 : Know Yourself

Without knowing your drawbacks it is impossible to develop. You have to know about yourself that what kind of person your are and what kind of betterment you want in your character. Please follow these below points to to know yourself better.

2.a: Find Your Strengths

This is not that hard as it sounds. You have to find positive things about your personality. Your activities will be helpful in finding your strengths. Simply take a pen and paper and note down all your positive characters. If you don’t have any or only one or two then you have to increase that number. Be honest with yourself while you will be doing this. Please do remember one thing that based on your strengths only you can develop your personality.

2.b: Find Your Weaknesses

It is equally important to know about your weaknesses as well. It is your weaknesses that bothers you and is a big hurdle in your personality development. Think about it and find what you want to change?When we we have discussed earlier about mental stability, We have mentioned that it also play a defining role in your personality development.There are list of some common weaknesses which is sadness, depression, anger, arrogance etc.If your list has more of these then try to find a way to control them or reduce them so that they can’t imbalance your mental health.

2.c: Believe in Yourself

While you are evaluating yourself it is very very important for you to have self believe. It might be the scenario that you are finding only negativity about your self so don’t loose heart. Find a way to conquer your negativity, try to gain confidence by doing the best in whatever field you think you are the best.

Step 3 : Define Your Appearance

Your appearance matters but only after completion of the all of the above mentioned steps. Appearance is not only about just looking good from outside but also from inside.

3.a: Don’t Fake it,You will not make it

There is a common perception that looking good is one of the essentials to show your personality, So people are focusing more on it. It is absolutely wrong, you are just trying to create a fake identity to leave your impressions on others. Don’t fake it, work on the steps that have been mentioned earlier in this blog.

3.b: Be Natural

Once you find your inner happiness you will act natural to everyone. It is very important to be peaceful from inside. Spent time with yourself and identify the reasons to be happy from inside. It is quite obvious that for looking natural your emotions must be in sync with your body. Body language is something that depends on all of these factors.

3.c: Accept Yourself

Acceptance at the end matters the most, don’t compare yourself with others in every aspect. Everyone is unique and you are also unique so first accept yourself and then try to work on improvements. Your appearance must be acceptable to you first then only it will make impressions on others.

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